Shri Rajnish Prakash

Chairman, AEES



Shri S KMalhotra

Secretary, AEES


            Chairman's Message

AEES has completed forty years of its glorious service and today it is running thirty one schools / junior colleges at different places in the country with total student strength of about 27000 and approximately 1600 teachers and other staff members. Today AEES is working hard to create suitable environment for the holistic development of the students and make them capable of facing the global challenges of education. A variety of infrastructural facilities are being developed by AEES to achieve the highest standard of education.


Secretary's Message

"If there is anything constant, it is change". AEES believes in keeping abreast with the changing times. Today the focus is on education with a global perspective. The education system at AEES is being fine-tuned to suit the new trends at par with international standards and to produce individuals who can compete at the global level.

As we retrace the forty years of glory of AEES, we realize with great pride that the position acquired today is the collective effort of the whole AEES family.



The Management

The management committees comprising of administrative officers, scientists & engineers of the DAE and school principals, take care of the overall development of students of the schools in various spheres like academics, extracuricular activities, sports etc.. and the managment of the school as well.


The Local management Committee (LMC) manages the schools in that region.The School Advisory Committee (SAC) play a vital role in bridging the gap between the school management and the local community and often acts as a sounding board for changes. The present committee has 14 members and is chaired by the Vice Principal.  The PUVVN commmittee takes care of the purchases made for the school students from the PUVVN amount.