The following safety committee is constituted for the current academic year. The committee will meet at least once in three months. This committee will look after safety aspects in and around the school and also other activities conducted by the school. The Safety Committee meeting was held on 1 December, 2018 and 23 November, 2019.

1. Shri K Rukmangada Rao, Vice Principal Chairperson
2. Mrs. Ashwini Nagrale, Headmistress Member
3. Shri. Vijai Ram,TGT(SS) Member
4. Ms. Ashwini Manjrekar, TGT(PET) Member
5. Mrs. Parul Jain, PRT(SS) Member
6. Mr. Francis Aloor, PRT(SS) Member
7. Dr. Uma Chaturvedi (Parent from Primary Section) Parent Member
8. Mrs. Komal Dolas (Parent from Prep & Secondary Section) Parent Member
9. Mr. Raj Kamal Gautam, Technical Officer, D, Food Technology, BARC, Mumbai Parent Member


The School Advisory Committee is a committee comprising of parents and teachers headed by the Vice Principal. This committee met on 27 July,2019 and 23 November, 2019 and had a meaningful discussion on the activities of the school. Suggestions of the members go a long way in the growth and smooth functioning of the school.

Sr. No Name Designation
1. Shri K Rukmangada Rao, Vice Principal Member Secretary
2. Headmaster/Headmistress Member
3. Shri. Joseph M. A.,TGT(SS) Member
4. Mrs. Lucy Antony, PRT(SS) Member
5. Mrs. Asha Nair, Prep Teacher(SS) Member
6. Mr. Anupam Dikshit Parent Member
7. Mrs. Pinky Goswami Parent Member
8. Mr. Rajan Losalka Parent Member
9. Mrs. Tina Mathew Parent Member
10. Mr. Arif Khan Parent Member

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